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I am Rajnish Lamba from Chelasi Village of Jhunjhunu District (Rajasthan). By qualification I am double MA. Choosing farming as an occupation was my own interest. My father- Mr Hari Singh Lamba was a Patwari by profession and I was given full freedom from the beginning to choose a career that interests me. But I chose farming because I was interested in doing that.

Earlier our family was also doing conventional farming but in 1996 when I came to know about my grandfather’s organic farming experience I thought of giving a chance to it.

It all started in 1996, first I planted 25 trees of Bael (Bel Patthar) in 1 Bigha organically. Along with that I also started preparing nursery for my own use. After 8 years finally the Bael started bearing fruits and I earned a huge profit from it. Slowly I started expanding my orchard and in 2005 I planted Kinnow and Mosambi trees. After sometime I planted Pomegranate (sindhuri variety), lemon, guava, and mango trees also.

Currently I have more than 3000 trees in my orchard and I am earning 10 times more profit than conventional farming from all the trees till date. My orchard farm is stretched in 4 acres of area and I have named it on my grandfather’s name- Hardev Bagh and Udhyan Nursery.

Now even my younger brother (Vikrant Lamba) and my father (Hari Singh Lamba) are also helping in my orchard business. To maintain the healthy yield and quality I prepare manure at home, by using cow dung, Gau Mutr (Cow Urine), Neem water, Dhatura (Herb – Angel’s Trumpets), and vermin-compost. Whenever I need information regarding orchard farming then I refer agriculture related magazines, print media, internet etc.

Many farmers visit my farm regularly to learn something new from my orchard farming technique. Sometimes, even agriculture officers also visit my orchard farm with group of farmers for events and training session.

From the beginning my dream was always to make my grandfather (Hardev Lamba) proud. I want to make other farmers aware about the benefits of organic farming, orchards farming and nursery preparation.

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4 Acres



Lemon, Pomegranate, Bel Patthar (Bael), Kinnow, Mousambi (Mosambi).



Organic Farming

awards and accolades


Awarded by Agriculture Minister- Harji Ram Burdak in 2011

Appreciated by Governor of Rajasthan – Kalyan Singh

Became member of Morarka Foundation in 2009

Message to Farmers

I want other farmers to adopt organic farming because organic farming has many health benefits as well as it is eco-friendly. Farmers should also reduce the use of chemicals. One thing they should remember that, regardless how much profit they are earning, profit can only be earned by doing something different like orchard farming.

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Address: Village Chelasi, Nawalgarh Tehsil, Jhunjhunu District, Rajasthan

Phone:+91 74260 00200